Biokinetics is comprised of orthopaedic rehabilitation (strengthening of muscles to protect joints during both sport and activities of daily living), chronic disease management (prescription and monitoring of individualised cardiovascular exercise) and total wellness (lifestyle and stress management). Recognised by and registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions council of South Africa), Biokinetics is the field of specialised exercise therapy which functions in alliance to both the health and medical industries.


Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC)
Level 2, Cape Quarter, 
27 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town

To Book an appointment please phone or SMS one of the following numbers:

083 280 9762 (Janine Hugo)
082 921 6776 (Tony Paladin)
076 543 9868 (Jarryd Carter)

Situated in the heart of Cape Town, the practice is based in the multi disciplinary setup of the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre in Green Point, Cape Town. www.sparc.co.za

Hugo & Paladin Biokineticists, with its wide skill set, practices the entire scope of Biokinetics with each practitioner having their own special interests.

Our team works together with an array of health professionals so as to deliver optimal service to all our patients and clientele within the Cape Town area.

We treat all patients as individuals and strive to get to the bottom of each challenge that is presented through comprehensive analysis, one on one exercise prescription and a team approach.

We offer Biokinetics home visits within the Cape Town city bowl, Cape Town Atlantic seaboard and surrounding areas within a 5km radius of Cape Town.

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